I Should Tell You a poetry book Seattle, WA
I should
tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you is a collection of poetry, reflecting the phases of love, dreams of adventure, and travel of the mind, of a young Pacific Northwest woman. This work embodies a wide range of emotion, from the darkest fear to the deepest sense of peace. The book takes the reader from the quiet day dreams of a golden sunset to a sailing adventure turned nightmare by raging storm.

A fine read for the young adult, looking to share the adventures of the heart, imagination, dreams and even tumultuous relationships of a young woman as she comes of age. You will rediscover the power of poetry as if it were brush strokes of paint on a canvas. Don't concern yourself about the fact this is a book of poems, you will quickly find yourself caught up in the stories that unfold in "The Tigress","A Stranger in the Darkness", "Day Sailor" and the softer side with "Soul Mate", "Human Rose", and  "Angel Gina".
Jessica Merlino moved to the Pacific Northwest at age 7 & immediately fell in love with the water.  Living near Lake Sammamish, cruising on her parents boat in the San Juan Islands & later living in the San Juan Islands, she has seen the eagles fly, the Orca  breach & looked down as Dahl Porpoise played in the bow wave of the sail boat she was crewing on. From sunrise to that place where the water meets the sky,  welcoming port to stormy love, these are the poems that reflect a young woman's hopes, dreams & inspirations.
All poetry property of and copyrighted by Jessica Merlino
ISBN: 234234-23-23423